PASS Summit 2017 Session Recording

One of the benefits of being a PASS Summit Speaker was that PASS gifted us with the download version of the PASS Summit 2017 session recordings.

These holidays were a great opportunity to catch up with the sessions which I missed during the PASS Summit 2017. I have bookmarked a number of sessions too, which I would like to watch during my free time. These recordings are useful resources and I would highly recommend folks who have purchased the same to make full use of it.

All the Presentation slides are available under the “Conference Sessions” section of the PASS Summit website. It is available to attendees and non-attendees as well —

After I came back from the Summit, few of my friends asked me for my session recording. I was not sure if I could upload my presentation to my personal website, hence I checked with the PASS Team. They mentioned that it was absolutely fine to do it. So here goes the link for my presentation on ‘Making Developers lives easier with SQL Server 2016’.

Just wanted to say THANKS to all who attended my session and filled up the session evaluations. I truly value your feedback.

Catch my PASS Summit Experience here

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